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  1. By accepting membership with FLEKS Workspaces, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  2. There is no minimum membership term and either you or FLEKS Workspaces may cancel the membership at any time in writing.

  3. Fleks takes no responsibility for mail that is not addressed to persons/ entities as listed on the sign-up form. Any additional names/ entities need to be registered with Fleks via email and approved.

  4. A 1 month cancelation period is required in writing/ emailed to to terminate a subscription.

  5. Fleks does not offer refunds. Credit may be used for future bookings

  6. Fleks requires that all mail is collected in a timely manner. If one requires longer than 3 months to collect, Fleks needs to be notified.

  7. Fleks reserves the right to return all mail to the sender after a subscription has been canceled. A 3-month grace period will be granted after which time our mail notification service no longer stands.

  8. Fleks takes no responsibility for mail received in which subscribers have not filled in the " Fleks sign-up Form"

  9. Unless stipulated in writing Fleks reserves the right to keep mail at reception not locked away.

  10. All scanned mail is filed and locked. Fleks require instruction by the subscriber to destroy (via paper shredding) or onsend mail

  11. All outgoing mail handling with AUST POst or nominated couriers will incur additional costs outside of membership subscription plan.



Payment for use of additional services or amenities (such as Boardroom Hire) will be added to your next invoice. An internet connection is available for unlimited access, however, FLEKS Workspaces reserves the right to bar connection in the case of excessive or illegal use.


FLEKS Workspaces has the right to withhold services, restrict entry into the Workspaces, and shall have a general lien on all of your property physically situated on any part of FLEKS Workspaces premises:

  1. where you have failed to pay for rent or services in accordance with this agreement: or

  2. where you have breached any term of this agreement and fail to remedy that breach within seven days of being requested by FLEKS Workspaces to do so.

  3. Phone app access will be terminated immediately if termination occurs.



To the maximum extent permitted under the law:

  1. FLEKS Workspaces, its related bodies corporate, their officers, employees, contractors, and agents (“FLEKS Parties”) shall not be liable for any theft, loss, or damage from the Workspaces howsoever occurring or for any damage done to the furniture or other effects of any other member in the Workspaces by the caretaker, cleaners or any employees, contractors, agents or invitees of FLEKS Workspaces.

  2. The FLEKS Parties shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or loss of information resulting from communications or data failure including voice, communication, and the Internet.

  3. The FLEKS Parties shall not be liable for any loss, damage, corruption of data, or any loss of information whether from hardware, software, or Internet damage that may occur to a member during the term of this Agreement.

This clause “Liability” survives termination of this Agreement.



You must repair any damage to the Workspaces including fixtures and fittings resulting from neglect, omission or a deliberate or careless act or a breach of this Agreement by you or any person who enters the Workspaces with your consent or sufferance.


Unpaid Fees

Any money owing to FLEKS Workspaces for more than 21 days shall bear interest of 10% per annum calculated daily until paid in full.

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